One-sample Sigma Known z-test for the Mean

Joel, I have not checked all your calculations, but the process you used looks good. I note that this is a problem where you are given a lot of raw data. Which technology did you use? I ask because problems where you have to manually enter a lot of raw data often lead to mistakes […]

How to State the Conclusion about a Hypothesis Test

After you have completed the statistical analysis and decided to reject or fail to reject the Null hypothesis, you need to state your conclusion about the claim. To get the correct wording, you need to recall which hypothesis was the claim. If the claim was the null, then your conclusion is about whether there was […]

Simple One-sample z-test for the Mean when Sigma is Known

Here is a way to do a simple one-sample z test when we know the population standard deviation sigma. If this was a left tail test as indicated by an < in the alternative hypothesis, the standardized test statistic (z) of -1.753 falls in the rejection region below the z-critical of -1.645 and that would […]

Setting up Hypothesis Tests – Three Useful Tables

Step 1: Words to Symbols Table Read the problem carefully, looking for key phrases and words which will identify the claim. Look for those key phrases in the table below to determine if the claim is the null or alternative hypotheses. It can be either. Because the null and alternative must be complements, finding one will […]

New Simple to Use Calculators for Hypothesis Tests

I have been making Excel-based “calculators” to help some of my students who are finding other technology limiting or difficult to use. Currently, I have seven up on this site under the BUS 233 tab. Check them out here. This is the Two-sample z-test for the difference between proportions.

Recognizing problem types: Hypothesis tests

Read the problem looking for keywords and values: What type of variable is the focus of the problem? Is it quantitative, e.g. a mean, or categorical, e.g. a proportion or percent? How many variables are of concern? Is(are) the population(s) standard deviation, sigma, given? Are sample variances equal or are you instructed to assume they […]