Dr. Dawn Wright

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How to State the Conclusion of Your Hypothesis Test

The Easier Way After you have completed the statistical analysis and decided to reject or fail to reject the Null hypothesis, you need to state your conclusion about the claim.   1. To get the correct wording, you need to recall which hypothesis was the claim.   If...

Technology vs Tables and Rounding Mistakes

Joe, Two important points you bring up: Do not round intermediate values in a string of calculations. Wait until the very last step/answer to round to the number of decimals required by MyStatLab. On this problem and many others in this course, rounding too early can...

Picking Alpha: The cost of Type I and Type II Errors

Earlier this year, I read of the analysis of the recent fatality caused by an Uber autonomous car in Arizona. (Lee, 2018) It occurred to me (and others) that this terrible situation is possibly related to Type I and Type II errors. (Efrati, 2018) A Type I is a false...

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