Dawn Wright

Ph.D. in Instructional Design and Development. Teaching statistics for Excelsior College and consulting. Zoomie class of '67.

Minimum Sample Size for Population Mean Confidence Interval

This calculator is appropriate when you know the population standard deviation, sigma and are given the Margin of Error E and the Confidence Level, c. Example: You are asked to find the minimum number of people to include in a sample to determine the population mean. The population standard deviation has been determine to be

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Chebyshev’s Theorem Excel Calculator

Chebyshev’s Excel Calculator Chebyshev’s Theorem can be used for any type of distribution, but if the problem says the distribution is “bell shaped,” use the Empirical Rule unless the problem specifically says to use Chebyshev’s. Note: an alternative spelling is Chebychev. Chebyshev’s only applies to problems where the K is > 1. In our MSL

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Baby Steps

Image by Laura Retyi from Pixabay I watched dumbfounded as 82- ear-old Wally Funk moved quickly leading her fellow soon-to-be astronauts up the 8 flights of stairs on the Blue Origin launch pad. As one 75-year-old who gets tired carrying my few bags of groceries up my one flight of stairs, I wondered how she

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Bomber Mafia

Bomber Mafia

Summer Reading The Bomber Mafia by Malcolm Gladwell One of the first names I had to memorize as part of my Doolie Knowledge at the Air Force Academy was that of Curtis E. LeMay, the then Air Force Chief of Staff but better known for his WWII exploits and later “father” of the Strategic Air

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