The Robots are Coming. Hooray!

The realm of process automation – those with a deterministic outcome – is here now. The realm of cognitive automation – those with probabilistic outcomes – is just around the bend. A New Approach to Automating Services

AltSchool- a very interesting read.

There are some very good ideas in this interview, but one area that bothers me is how to employ this concept in economically disadvantaged areas. The idea is based upon private charter school concept with tuitions that will be out of reach of many lower or even middle income levels. And it depends upon the […]

Preparing for the 4th Industrial Revolution

For some time now, I have been watching the downward slide in income and wealth of the American middle class while the income and wealth of those who control capital have soared. Part of this is due, of course, to the accelerating transfer of traditional manufacturing to countries with lower labor costs and with less […]

Search for large data sets

I’m trying to come up with some interesting large data sets for use in extra-credit work using predictive analytics, especially something that has interactions and/or need for dummy variables. Anyone out there point me in the right direction?

Too many “isms”

This short post contains wonderfully succinct definitions of constructivism, instructivism and connectivism:

The Power of Connectivism – more or less

This infographic contains some interesting insights, not strictly on connectivism but closely related: by visually.Explore more infographics like this one on the web’s largest information design community – Visually.