There are some very good ideas in this interview, but one area that bothers me is how to employ this concept in economically disadvantaged areas. The idea is based upon private charter school concept with tuitions that will be out of reach of many lower or even middle income levels. And it depends upon the neighboring community to provide such things as sports and even lunches. But I do like the use of the new Public Benefit Corporation as its structure.
Some key things that jumped out at me:

“…but it seems odd to me that the purpose of school is to prepare kids for the future, and you don’t have people in the mix thinking about education or education policy, who are very familiar with the future at all.”

“It’s like 1.01 to some enormous power is a huge number, and 0.99 to some enormous number is zero. Little differences matter.”

“The idea that you can pull free physical work out of the ground, that was a really good trick, and it resulted in all of these exponential curves. But now we’re discovering how to pull free mental work out of the ground.”

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