More on Multiple Regression Part 2

In the real world, we most often work with real data. And we build regression models using software such as Excel, StatCrunch, and, more recently, R. The output of those regressions give us a world of information about the regression models, enabling us to quickly determine if the overall model is statistically significant and if […]

More on Multiple Regression Part 1

This post is in development. In the interim, please try out the attached Excel workbook with a couple of useful calculators Multiple Regression-Given_Betas_and_Standard_Errors_find_Confidence_Interval_for_Prediction

Confidence Interval for Difference between Means using StatCrunch

Similar to MSL problems 8.1.28-T, 8.2.24, and 8.2.25 Although we are rarely given summary data to analyze in the real business world, we often are in statistics courses. Consider the following problem: Further, you are given this frighteningly complex formula to use for finding the CI when the population variances are not equal: Or the […]


This week an interesting article popped up in one of my news feeds (Goldstein, 2016). The essence of it was that one reason that schools in much of America are still essentially segregated is that white parents, when given a choice, choose to send their children to schools which are comfortably integrated – that is […]