The Impact of Innumeracy

By the time we reach voting age, almost all Americans have at least a high school education. That means we have been exposed to numerous math courses, and hopefully passed them. But that does not mean we have a good sense of numbers. Innumeracy in the modern sense means that one does not have a […]

Is Eight Weeks Enough for Mastery?

Back in the dark ages of my undergraduate degree at the Air Force Academy, terms were the still traditional 15 weeks, more or less. And after a period of adjustment to the rigors of that school, I soon found my stride and ended up near the top of my class. Much later in my doctoral […]

Why Study Statistics?

I found these two short videos while looking for an introductory video for my upcoming BUS 233 course. The  first one is great and includes Roger Peng, “my” instructor in the Data Science Specialization I’m working on: Why You Need to Study Statistics. The second, What is Statistics,  is also good and funny, something that […]

StatCrunch Tutorial Videos

StatCrunch is a great statistical analysis app that resides on the web and thus works equally well for both PC and MAC users. If you are taking a stats course and do not have good Excel skills, I suggest you consider learning to use StatCrunch. My sense is that students find StatCrunch’s learning curve, the […]

Setting up Hypothesis Tests

The Null and Alternative The most common problem I noticed on this assignment was caused by failing to properly identify the appropriate null and alternative hypotheses. In part, this is due to the Evans text’s somewhat confusing explanation of how to do this – the “burden of proof” approach. There is a much simpler approach […]