The Robots are Coming. Hooray!

The realm of process automation – those with a deterministic outcome – is here now. The realm of cognitive automation – those with probabilistic outcomes – is just around the bend. A New Approach to Automating Services

It is now cheaper to buy robots than to pay people $5 per DAY!

A number of my conservative friends roll their eyes when I start talking about the disruption now underway as a result of the exponential growth of AI/robotic technology. But it is occurring and the rate of human displacement is increasing and spreading beyond the stereotypical repetitive factory work. It is impacting the professions, those jobs […]

Preparing for the 4th Industrial Revolution

For some time now, I have been watching the downward slide in income and wealth of the American middle class while the income and wealth of those who control capital have soared. Part of this is due, of course, to the accelerating transfer of traditional manufacturing to countries with lower labor costs and with less […]