Single-sample, Large Sample Confidence Interval for a Mean

Sometimes you are confronted with a deceptively simple-looking problem: Construct the indicated confidence interval for the population mean, µ. c = 0.90,  x-bar = 16.2, s = 5.0, n = 75. To solve it you need to carefully inspect the data you are given. You should notice two things. You are not given the population […]

Large & Small Sample Confidence Interval for Mean – Theory

Confidence Interval for Mean, µ. Large-sample 100*(1-α)% Confidence interval using Z-distribution where Zα/2 is the z-value corresponding to an area α/2 in the tail of the standard normal distribution, and σx ̅ is the standard deviation of the sampling distribution, σ is the population standard deviation, and s is the standard deviation of the sample. […]