How to Round in R

How to Round in R This is a good source

Amazing technology. I just love numbers!

One of my larger projects back when I ran an engineering firm was to inspect all of the buildings owned and/or occupied by the State of Lousiana for asbestos and lead in water fountains. Part of the contract required us to produce floor plans of all the buildings we inspected because the State, at that […]

What do you want to do?

I’m building a mind map for my BUS 233 Intro to Business Stats students called “What do you want to do?” Its purpose is to provide them with a logical and quick way to find information on the various statistical procedures and tests we use in inference. I wanted to build it into this site, […]

Data Visualization – a must have

            Great article comparing some commercial and open visualization tools: Visualizations: Comparing Tableau, SPSS, R, Excel, Matlab, JS, Python, SAS

Test Jing free screencast app

Update 3-22-2015: the more I use the “golden dot,” the more I like it. I often take static screen shots for one reason or another. In the past, I used Windows Ctrl-PrtScr and then opened Photoshop or Gimp and pasted the image in for editing. But with Jing, the ‘dot’ is always active and all […]

Breaking Bad – Good Data

I found two pretty neat sites where the ratings of each of the five years of Breaking Bad episodes were regressed looking for patterns. The first is a bit more exotic and uses a powerful ( and expensive) Excel addin Tabeau. The best graphics are at the bottom of the page: This one has […]