What’s the Difference?

Instructional designers spend a fair amount of time thinking about how to use Bloom’s Taxonomy in their learning designs. This blog post has a great, succinct explanation of the difference between data, information, knowledge, and wisdom. It is a short read and well worth your time. The difference between data, information, knowledge and wisdom

Ask Questions to Get Better Grades

I teach statistics for Excelsior and have found many students come into the courses with a bit of trepidation. Possibly because of past negative experiences with math courses, I believe some have statistics anxiety. Research shows that one characteristic of folks with statistics anxiety is fear of the instructor which translates into fear of asking […]

About Open Learning

If you go to a certain park, you might notice that the culture of that park doesn’t involve people sleeping on benches. But of course, that’s only half right. The culture here is reinforced an(d) disseminated through the built environment. These benches are part of the trend of Hostile Architecture that purposely limits certain uses; […]

There’s no There There

In one of my current courses, some students have been struggling to understand p-values and why we do or do not use them. I stumbled across this NYT article this morning and was struck that so many scientists rushed to try to prove/disprove the original research. In my native field of education, we see few […]