What is the Correlation Coefficient?

This is an excerpt from a longer, 12-minute video by Unbreaking America. I used it as an example of regression on a current event. I wonder how many Americans are data savvy enough to understand what Lawrence is showing them. I asked my students to identify the predictor variable and the response variable and to estimate the coefficient of determination, R2.

Unbreaking America. (2019). Retrieved from Represent Us: https://www.facebook.com/RepresentUs/videos/410253132875542/UzpfSTEwMDAxNTIwMTEwMDcwMDo1Nzc1MzAxNTk0MzAzNDk/?story_fbid=577530159430349&id=100015201100700&notif_id=1552594250718096&notif_t=feedback_reaction_generic

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