For those who prefer to work with Excel, here is a worksheet that may help. Enter your data into the blue cells. You may enter an “x” as well as the a and the b if you are asked for a between probability. The answers will be in the yellow cells. There is a link to download a copy of the workbook at the bottom. I will send you a copy of the Excel workbook if you send me an email ( )saying you have subscribed to my YouTube channel 

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  1. unfortunately, the answer found for “at least… x” gave me an incorrect answer. The “exactly…x” calculations are perfect though, and have really helped me out!
    By any chance, do you know why the “at least” calculation gave an incorrect answer and if so, how to fix this or where I may have made a mistake? thank you!

    1. Hi Brienna! It could be the way your particular problem was worded. Or a bug could have crept into the calculator. If you could give me more information – you can send it to my email – I will work it through. Meanwhile I will run some check problems through the calculator. If I have a bug, I will fix it and send you a copy of the updated calculator.

  2. I had just left a reply mentioning how the “at least” calculations were wrong… it seems that the connect practice assignment that i am using (applying these calculations to) has its own issue recognizing the correct answer as the same formula worked wonderfully for 2 other questions. My apologies!

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