There are many tutorials on regression on YouTube, some better than others. I am providing links to some that you may find helpful. Again, I am most interested in practical solutions using Excel since that is a program you should all have.

  1. Basic calculation of correlation coefficient r in Excel: (both manually and using Excel functions).
  2. Basic fitting line to data
  3. Khan has a good discussion of why correlation is not necessarily causation (I think this is linked in BB) Good for Module 7 Discussion 2:
  4. Excellent discussion of the complete Excel simple regression output (looking at the relationship between Amazon’s stock price and the S&P 500 index)  including residuals:
  5. This is a 15 minute video concentrating on the nuts and bolts of simple regression done well, but the main reason I include this link is the last 4 minutes really do a good job of explaining the difference in e (estimated error) and Ɛ (theoretical error from the theoretical real equation):
  6. This is an Excellent, detailed discussion of degrees of freedom, r-square and adjusted r-square. Must see:
  7. This is an Excellent presentation of how to make predictions using Excel multiple regression output including construction of confidence intervals (Important): ProTDub YouTube channel
  8. ProTDub video 2 on checking the independence assumption by checking residuals in Excel multiple regression:
  9. ProTDub video 3 on checking the constant variance assumption by checking residuals from an Excel multiple regression:
  10. *This tutorial shows how to calculate the beta for a stock using regression as well as the slope method. 


I have reviewed the series of tutorials produced by Dr. Jason Delaney of Georgia Gwinnett College on youTube. They primarily illustrate how to do the math using Excel but there are also a few theoretical ones that are very good. I recommend these as a solid, practical take on multiple regression for students. I include Dr. Delaney’s description of each video in italics. It was my original intention to produce a series on Excel 2013 myself but why reinvent the wheel? Note: I brought them all here because I could not find a YouTube channel for him that had all these in one place. The ones with an asterisk are helpful for the final extra credit problem.

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