ANOVA – Analysis of variance

These three Khan videos (about 31 minutes total) give a very good explanation of the theory behind the ANOVA. The only thing I noticed that might be a problem is that Khan refers to Chi Square distributions several times and in the current 503 sequence/text, the chi-square is covered after the ANOVA F-statistic. I need to check out Khan’s videos on Chi-square to see if I should recommend the students look at them first.

Khan shows one example of using an F-table to get the Fcrit; he does have an appropriate graph

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Note, Khan does have a three-video explanation of the Chi-square test that includes a first 10-minute explanation of the Chi-distribution with use of tables. It probability will be OK to tell the class to wait to cover this until we get to that chapter. Then again, both ANOVA and Chi-square are in the same module, module 5.

Chi-square probability distribution From <>

F value critical area charts (3)

This graphic shows all three versions of the alternative hypothesis.

F Distribution Tables 4 good tables

I think these are the tables Khan uses in the ANOVA video

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Another site giving a good synopsis of the F-test; not a video.

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F Test Explained

This is a webpage that does a good job of explaining how to use F-tables and also contains links to detailed tables with up to 200 degrees of freedom. There are also two scripts that calculate p given F and F given p. Not a video.

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Critical F-value Calculator – this is a quick way to determine Fcrit given only the numerator and denominator degrees of freedom and alpha.

Pasted from <> this calculator replaces a F-value table