Over the last six-plus years that I have taught BUS233, I have noticed some characteristics of students who do well in the course. This is anecdotal evidence, for sure, but I think worth considering if you are facing 233 with a bit of trepidation.

Students who make a B or Better…

  1. Ask a lot of questions.
  2. Choose a stats technology quickly – Excel if you have basic spreadsheet skills, StatCrunch if you don’t– and invest the time to learn to use it to crunch the equations.
  3. Spread their work in the course out over the week – they do not wait until Sunday afternoon to start.
  4. Make a detailed handwritten notebook of how they work problems with sketches. They supplement the paper notebook with a digital one using Evernote or OneNote or just an Excel/Word document.
  5. Learn the language of statistics – how to read word problems looking for keywords and phrases.
  6. Memorize a few key concepts (not equations) early in the term.

If I had to pick the most important, #1 is #1.


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