Excel is an absolutely essential tool to master if you hope to do well in your business life or in graduate school. Moreso it is critical in some undergraduate courses such as statistics and quantitative methods. There are a number of built-in functions that will make your life easier and are even essential in some situations. And there are “add-ins” that strengthen Excel for statistics and quantitative analysis. I have scoured the Internet looking for how-to videos that focus on practical uses of Excel and the add-ins and listed some of the better ones on the daughter pages. Enjoy!
This is a good short course in the basics of Excel: How To Use Excel: Top 10 Things To Learn | Deskbright

Basic Excel Business Analytics #02: Good Spreadsheet Model Design, Fixed Variable Cost Example
This video is a bit long (37 minutes), but is worth watching, particularly if you do not have a great deal of experience using Excel. The video shows a great example of a typical business problem solved using Excel. Pay particular attention to the organized, thoughtful way the model is constructed. It may seem excessively picky, but learning this sort of approach will pay off in time savings when you come back and try to modify or reuse your model – and for that matter if you allow others to use your models.

Basic Excel Business Analytics #03: Goal Seek For What-If Analysis
This short (5 minute) video takes the model built in the above video and uses Excel’s built-in goal seek tool to determine breakeven points.

Great playlist on Bus Stats: Excel 2013 Statistical Analysis #00: Excel Workbooks For This Class