Fibonacci number

Have you heard of the TED talks? This is a good one on math:

Could free access to open on line courses worsen the achievement gap?

A recently released study by Columbia looked at an extremely large sample of online courses and their associated success rates. The study found that demographic groups that tend to struggle in class do worse in online classes and have a lower success rate (I guess that means course completion) than students who do well in traditional […]

All about MOOCs

You can hardly “open” an online education resource without stumbling into much ado about MOOCs. I am still in the formative stage of my own opinions about them but I just found a great resource with bunches of articles giving the background and current status of MOOCs:

Khan Academy critique

If you have taken one of my online classes, you are probably aware that I am a fan of Khan Academy how-to videos. Well not everyone feels the way I do and there has been much discussion in the higher education circles about the pros and cons of Khan Academy. Today, an author proposed a […]

What will college look like in 2020?

The Chronicle has published a report that provides a glimpse of the college of 2020 based upon trends identified in higher education today. Read the Executive Summary or order the entire report. The College of 2020