Statistical Thinking


Note: this open course is under development.

This open course parallels the sequence of topics in my BUS 233 Business Statistics course. Some of the material is based upon that course text, Larson & Farber Elementary Statistics. 6th Edition, but most is my synthesis of material from other texts and open sources. My intent is to give my students, and anyone who wishes to use this course, some guidance and insight that complements and supports the materials in the Excelsior course.

Statistical thinking is a much-needed skill to have in our increasingly data-driven world. Too often in the Wrap-up discussion at the end of the BUS 233 courses, I hear students say they are glad they passed, but that they do not think they will need what they’ve learned about statistics in their careers. I hope to channel many BUS 233 students to this course so that perhaps those types of comments will be fewer in number.