Creating Line Charts in Excel This 12=-minute video shows how to use Excel to create a line chart of five data sets including how to change the axis parameters, set line style and colors.

Creating Column Charts in Excel This 13-minute video shows how to make a clustered column chart. He uses the 3D design, which may not always be a good choice, but does show how to change to a 2D.

Create a Combination Column – Line Chart He shows how to quickly

add a second axis and format it.

Using the Excel form-control scroll bar to give interactivity to a column chart. This 9:30 minute video shows how to use the Excel form control scroll bar to allow the user to change the input data and have a 3D stacked column chart react to the new data.

Creating a Histogram in Microsoft Excel 2016. This 7-minute video takes you through construction of a complete histogram using Excels’s builtin graphing tools. For 2016, you no longer have to use an add-in or a complicated frequency array to get the job done. Two comments: 1. The instructor shows you how to put a space between “columns” in the histogram to improve readability (according to him). Actually, a histogram by definition does not have space between the colums becasue it represents a frequency distribution that shows the area beneath the curve which must equal one. 2. The professor does not explain the horizontal axis labeling format – ( 49 – 59] – where the “(” means that number is included in the bin and the “]” means that number is in the next higher bin.

Creating a Boxplot in Excel 2016 This 12-minute videoshows how to create a side-by-side boxplot using the built-in boxplot tool found in the Excel 2016’s new Statistics Plots option on the Chart Ribon. The professor takes the time to first calculate the five-number summary of the two data columns and uses that to discuss how Excel determines what is an outlier.

Create a Dynamic Chart with Checkboxes This 11-minute video shows a quick way to create an interactive mixed column-line chart using the Develope Ribbon in Excel. He also shows how to change a data series to the horizontal axis labels and how to insert a second axis for the line.

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