Quantitative Methods

Charts with Excel

Creating Line Charts in Excel This 12=-minute video shows how to use Excel to create a line chart of five data sets including how to change the axis parameters, set line style and colors. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mTnsxNfTFKo&index=23&list=PLdlFfrVsmlvAz0kKV3EdHJtPdg8PqQYwU Creating Column Charts in Excel This 13-minute video shows how to make a clustered column chart. He uses the 3D …

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Use Excel to Calculate MAD, MSE, RMSE & MAPE

To optimize your forecast, whether moving average, exponential smoothing or another form of a forecast, you need to calculate and evaluate MAD, MSE, RMSE, and MAPE. With Excel 2016, this is easy to do. View the video here: https://studio.youtube.com/video/H_N5_vxs8Tg/edit Download a copy of the Excel workbook here: Use Excel to Calculate MAD, MSE, RMSE & …

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