Setting up Hypothesis Tests

The Null and Alternative The most common problem I noticed on this assignment was caused by failing to properly identify the appropriate null and alternative hypotheses. In part, this is due to the Evans text’s somewhat confusing explanation of how to do this – the “burden of proof” approach. There is a much simpler approach […]

More on Data Visualization – Bubble Charts 101

This series is a great introduction/refresher to the power of data visualization: Data Visualization 101: Bubble Charts The chart pictured presents four variables at once: Consumer rating, Revenue, Product type, and Production cost. Very useful and effective.

Data Visualization – a must have

            Great article comparing some commercial and open visualization tools: Visualizations: Comparing Tableau, SPSS, R, Excel, Matlab, JS, Python, SAS

Breaking Bad – Good Data

I found two pretty neat sites where the ratings of each of the five years of Breaking Bad episodes were regressed looking for patterns. The first is a bit more exotic and uses a powerful ( and expensive) Excel addin Tabeau. The best graphics are at the bottom of the page: This one has […]

Search for large data sets

I’m trying to come up with some interesting large data sets for use in extra-credit work using predictive analytics, especially something that has interactions and/or need for dummy variables. Anyone out there point me in the right direction?

Open (Free) Big Data Goodies

It is a bit disheartening to know that the predictive analytics/big data world is moving ahead so quickly just as I am trying to learn how to harness it. But it is also nice to find the many open source data analysis tools – user friendly types – becoming commoditized on the Web of Things. […]