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StatCrunch & Excel How-to’s

Video/BlogBUS503 Prob#BUS233 Prob#
How to interpret ANOVA confidence intervals (video)9.3.39
Two-sample t-test for mean difference – Excel Calculator8.2.7T
Finding F-distribution Critical Values using StatCrunch (video)9.2.15
Two-way/factor Block Design ANOVA StatCrunch (video)9.4.61T
Two-sample F-test for Population Variances – Excel Calculator8.6.78T

Find Sample Size for Confidence Interval for Difference Between Means – StatCrunch (video 2:30 min)8.5.63
Construct Confidence Interval for Difference Between Two Proportions StatCrunch (video 2:48 min)8.4.58-StatCrunch
Two-sample z-test for Difference between Proportions – StatCrunch (Video 3 min)8.4.1
Confidence and Prediction Interval for Regression Excel (video)_11.6.90 Excel
Normal Distribution Probabilities – StatCrunch (video)5.3.28
Paired (dependent) samples t-test Excel Calculator8.3.28T
Confidence and Prediction Interval for Regression StatCrunch (video)_11.6.90 StatCrunch
Normal Probabilities using Excel and PHStat (video)5.3.28
Two-Sample z-test for Mean Difference (large sample/sigma not known) – Excel (video 7:48 min)8.2.3T
Two-sample z-test for Mean Difference- StatCrunch (video 7:30)8.2.3T
Two-sample z-test for Mean Difference – Excel Calculator8.2.3T
Single-Sample Z-test for Population Mean – Sigma Known using Excel (video)7.4.30T
How to solve a Normal Probability problem with Excel and PHStat5.3.19
How to determine if a Sample Estimator is Unbiased using Excel (video)5.2.13 part b
Probability Distribution of Variance using Excel (video)5.2.13 part a
Find probabilities using normal distribution StatCrunch calculator (video 2:54 min)4.7.117
Relative frequencies, bar chart, Pareto Chart – StatCrunch video (3min)2.1.6
Perform Hypothesis Test for a Regression Model, Given R Squared (Post)_12.3.10
Linear Regression Hypothesis Test for Positive Slope Beta1 StatCrunch (video)_11.4.55
Part 2: ANOVA Two Factor with Replication StatCrunch and Excel (Video)9.5.68
One way table Chi-square Goodness of Fit Hypothesis Test StatCrunch (video 7 min)_10.2.8T
Two-way/factor Block Design ANOVA Excel (video)9.4.61T
ANOVA Two-way Table with Replication StatCrunch and Excel Part 1 (video)9.5.68
One way table Chi square Goodness of Fit test StatCrunch #2 (Video 1 min)_10.2.6
Wolframalpha: find equation and plot line given two points (calculator)_11.1.1
Two-factor ANOVA Excel Calculator Download9.5.68
One-way ANOVA using StatCrunch (video)9.2.25
Pareto & Cumulative Percent Chart Excel (video 7min)2.1.14
Excel calculator Confidence Interval for Population Proportion6.4.45T
Single Sample z-test for mean Excel and StatCrunch (blog)7.4.30t
Frequencies and Relative Frequencies using Excel – Video (2:30)
How to build a Histogram Using Excel 2016 using Basic functions2.22.1
How to Use the Excel Data Analysis Histogram Tool (Video 3 min)2.22.1.
Relative and Cumulative Frequencies StatCrunch (video)2.1.17
Relative and Cumulative Frequencies using basic Excel
Frequency Distribution and Histogram using StatCrunch2.22.1.31
Relative Frequency Histogram using Excel (video 7:25 min)2.1.37
Frequency Distribution and Relative Frequency Histogram using StatCrunch2.22.1.37
Frequency and Cumulative Frequency Distribution with Ogive using StatCrunch
Relative Frequency Histogram using Basic Excel Functions2.22.1.45
Relative Frequency Histogram Excel-Part 2 (video)2.1.45
Stem & Leaf Plot using Excel with PHStat (video 3m:13sec)2.2.17
Stem & Leaf Plot – StatCrunch (video 4 min.)2.2.17
DotPlot using StatCrunch (video 2min:20sec)2.2.23
Scatter Plot and Trend using StatCrunch Video (4min)2.8.1322.2.29 (similar)
2.2.30 (similar)
Mean, Median, Mode and Descriptive Statistics using StatCrunch2.32.3.17
Mean, Median, Mode and Descriptive Statistics using Excel (video 2 Min)2.3.17
z-scores and Empirical Rule percentiles using StatCrunch2.32.3.29
Weighted Mean Using StatCrunch (video 2min:22sec)
Find Weighted Mean using Excel (video 3:13 min)2.3.41
Approximate Mean Frequency Distribution Excel (video 4min:38sec)2.3.49
Mean & Median Interpretation-Excel (video 5min:07sec)2.3.58
Descriptive Statistics Using StatCrunch (video 2 min)2.4.572.4
Descriptive Statistics – Excel and Data Analyis Toolpak (Video)2.4.572.4
Use StatCrunch to find Empirical Rule probabilities between two points (video 3 min)2.4.29
Empirical Rule Excel Cheatsheet (Excel file)
Empirical Rule Excel CheatSheet Video 3min19sec2.4.31
Z-scores & Empirical Rule Unusual Values Excel (video 5 min)2.4.33
Chebychev’s Theorem Excel Cheat Sheet (video 4min)2.4.35
Quick Box and whisker plot and 5-number summary (Quartiles) using StatCrunch (1 min video)2.5.17
5-Number Summary
(Quartiles) and Box Plot using StatCrunch (4:30 min video)
Box Plot & 5 Number Summary (Quartiles) Basic Excel & PHStat (video 5 min)2.5.17, 2.5.19
Z-Scores and Empirical Rule Percentiles using StatCrunch2.62.5.43
Conditional probabilities Using StatCrunch Contingency Table BUS233 (video 4min:20sec)3.6.60 (similar)3.2.7
Excel Probabilities Calculator (conditional, joint, Addition Rule, contingency table)3.6.603.2.7
Conditional Probabilities using StatCrunch Contingency Table BUS503 (Video 5min:32sec))3.6.603.2.7 (Similar)
3.2.8 (Similar)
Excel Addition rule3.3.14
Addition Rule (A or B) Probability3.3.19
Conditional Probabilites Excel Calculator (post)3.3.23
Permutations & Combinations using StatCrunch3.43.4.26
Combinations using Basic Excel Functions3.13.4.51
Discrete Probability Distribution Problems using StatCrunch 4.2.4
Mean and Standard Deviation of a Probability Distribution using StatCrunch
Binomial Distribution Histogram – StatCrunch4.34.2.3
Binomial Distribution Proportion Problem-StatCrunch4.3.444.2.15
Binomial Distribution – Excel w/ PHStat4.34.2.17
Binomial distribution problem-StatCrunch4.34.2.25
Create a binomial distribution-StatCrunch4.34.2.27
Geometric Distribution Probabilities StatCrunch (video 5 min)4.3.1, 4.3.11, 4.3.17
Poisson Distribution Problem-StatCrunch4.44.3.5
Find the Mean, Standard Deviation and Graph of a Binomial Distribution using StatCrunch 4.3.414.3.41
Binomial Random Variable Problem using StatCrunch 4.3.564.3.56
Normal Distribution Problem in 2 minutes4.65.1
Review of MSL problems re Normal Distribution
Find the Area between 2 z-values under the Standard Normal Curve5.35.1.24
Histogram and Descriptive Statistics – Excel5.1.37
Histogram & Descriptive Statistics – StatCrunch5.1.37
Probabilities in the Tails from z-scores-StatCrunch (video 4min)5.1.55
Find z-scores for which 80% of the distribution’s area lies between -z and +z55.2
Sampling distribution z-score problems5.35.2, 5.3
Quick solutions to z-score and probability problems55.2.7
Normal Distribution Problem- Two Common Mistakes (post)
Normal Distribution: Example Problem 1- Excel & StatCrunch (post)5.3.335.3
Find Z-scores when given an area or probability 55.3.1
Using StatCrunch to find Z-scores when given an area or probability (video)5.3.1
Review of 5.4 and 5.5 on Normal Distribution Part 1 (video)5.4.1
Z-value/normal curve problem for sample mean – a common mistake (video)
5.4.31 Excel and StatCrunch (Spreadsheet)5.4.31
Normal Distribution and Central Limit Theorem – StatCrunch (video)5.4.38
Use Excel for Finite Correction Factor (video)5.4.39
Finite Population Correction Factor (- Excel blog)5.4.39
Single Sample Proportion – Excel w/ PHStat (video)5.4.41
Compare a Binomial Solution to Normal Approximation -Excel and StatCrunch (video)
Normal Approximation & Continuity Correction (blog post)5.5.23
Normal Approximation to the Binomial Distribution-StatCrunch (video)
Confidence Interval for Mean Excel Calculator -Finite Pop Correction Factor option (post)6.6.866
Confidence Interval for Proportion using StatCrunch (video)6.4.45T6
Find the minimum sample size for a confidence interval for a mean -StatCrunch (video)
Find margin of error given sigma, confidence level, and sample size6.26.1, 6.2
Sample Size for Confidence Interval for a mean (video)6.26.1, 6.2
Critical Values of Z using StatCrunch (3:45 min video)6.1.
StatCrunch Quickies: Find Z-critical & Confidence Level for Confidence Intervals (video)6.2.1
Find margin of error given sigma, confidence level, and sample size with StatCrunch (video 2 minutes)
Confidence Interval for Mean Sigma Known using StatCrunch (video 1.5 minutes)
Confidence Interval for a Mean Given Sigma using StatCrunch (PDF)
Single-sample Confidence Interval for a Mean – Excel & StatCrunch (post)6.2.4
Confidence Interval for Mean using t-distribution-Sigma Not Known-StatCrunch (video)
Minimum Sample Size for Confidence Interval for a Mean Excel Calculator6.1.29
Minimum sample size for a confidence Interval around a mean StatCrunch (video 2 minutes)
Confidence Interval for Mean Sigma Known – StatCrunch (video 4 minutes)
Confidence Interval for Mean and Sample Size-(3 problems) StatCrunch (video 9 minutes+), 6.1.49, 6.2.26
Excel Calculator – Confidence Interval Single Sample Mean, z and t6.1.36
Single Sample Mean Confidence Interval, z & t, StatCrunch (Post)6.1.36, 6.2.9T, 6.2.11
Confidence Interval One Sample Mean Sigma Known-StatCrunch (video 3 min)6.1.45
Find Minimum Sample Size for Confidence Interval for Mean-StatCrunch (video)
Find the critical value of t given sample size and confidence level -StatCrunch (video)6.3
Critical Value t one-sample Confidence Interval Excel (video 5+ min)6.2.1
Find the Confidence Interval for a Population Mean using t Distribution – StatCrunch (video), 6.2.11
Confidence Interval and Margin of Error for Mean using t Distribution – StatCrunch (video 3:16 minutes)
Margin of Error for Confidence Interval StatCrunch (blog)6.2.17
Confidence Interval for Mean Sigma Not Known – StatCrunch and Excel (video 4 min), 6.2.26, 6.2.33
Confidence Interval for Mean using raw data-StatCrunch (video 2min52sec)
Confidence Interval for a Mean, Sigma not known, t-distribution, Excel & StatCrunch (post and Excel workbook), 6.2.33
Find Sample Size for Confidence Interval for a Proportion using StatCrunch 6.5.636.5.636.3
Minimum Sample Size for Proportion Confidence Interval (post and Excel Calculator)6.3.17T, 6.3.19T, 6.3.20T
Sample Size Confidence Interval for a Proportion-StatCrunch, 6.3.19T, 6.3.20T
Confidence Interval for a Proportion StatCrunch (video 3 min)
Confidence Interval Proportion Excel StatCrunch (post)6.3.25
Find Confidence Level, c, Given Margin of Error for a Proportion (Blogpost & Excel Workbook))
Finding Critical Values7 and 87 and 8
How to determine the tail of a hypothesis test 7 and 87 and 8
Find Critical Values of z and t7 and 87 and 8
Single-sample Hypothesis Test for a Mean using StatCrunch, 7.3
Single-sample z-test Population Mean StatCrunch (video)7.4.457.2.
Find Z-stat and p-value of a test of a Mean7.4.45 (similar)7.2.31
Single-sample Hypothesis Test for a Mean – Sigma known (Excel calculator)7.2.31
Single-sample t-test Sigma not known StatCrunch7.2.31 and similar
Solve a Hypothesis Test for a Mean using the Normal Distribution7.47.2.34
Single Sample Sigma Known Z-test Excel (video 6 min)7.2.36T
Single-sample Sigma Known z-test Mean Excel & PHStat (video 4min)7.2.36T
Single sample z-test for Population Mean-raw data-StatCrunch (Video 4 min) 7.2.41T,
Solve Small-sample Hypothesis t-test for the mean using StatCrunch 7.5.637.3
Single-sample t-test & Confidence Interval – Excel & StatCrunch (post)7.3.19
Solve a hypothesis t-test sigma not known7.57.3.23
SingleSample Mean Sigma Not Known T-test StatCrunch (video 4 min)
Single Sample Hypothesis z-Test for a Proportion-StatCrunch (Post)7.4.5
Single Sample Hypothesis z-Test for a Proportion-Excel (Post)7.4.5
One-sample z-test Proportion StatCrunch (video 6 min)7.4.12
Single-sample Hypothesis Test for a Proportion (post)7.4.12
Hypothesis Test for a Single Sample Proportion-StatCrunch (video 7 min)7.6.717.4.13
Review of z-test problems in Chapter 7 77.4.13, 7.4.10, 7.4.12
Find z critical and rejection region for two-sample test88.1, 8.2
Solve a Difference of Two Means Hypothesis Test Sigma Known8.28.1.11
Two-sample Test for Population Means – Sigmas Known (Excel Calculator)8.1.11
Difference of Two Means z-test- Excel (5:11 video)8.1.13
Z-test for Mean Difference (post)8.1.15
Two-sample z-test Population Means-StatCrunch (video)88.1.15
Two-sample Hypothesis Test for Means – Excel88.1.15 (Larson 5th ed)
Two-sample z-test for means – Sigma Known – Excel Calculator (video 5 min)8.1.27
Confidence Interval for Mean Difference (StatCrunch blog post)8.1.28T, 8.2.24, 8.2.25
T-Test for Difference in Two Means with Unequal Variances (StatCrunch video), 8.2.11
Two sample t-test equal variances Excel and PHStat (video 8 min)8.2.19
Two-sample t-Test Population Means – Sigmas Not Known-Variances Equal (StatCrunch video)88.2.19
Confidence Interval 2 Sample Mean Difference Variances Equal StatCrunch (video 3 min)8.2.25
Paired Sample t-test using raw data8.38.3
Paired sample T-test problem (StatCrunch video), 8.3.13
Find D-bar and S sub d for Paired Sample Hypothesis Test with Raw Data (StatCrunch video)
State the Conclusion for a Paired-Sample Hypothesis Test(StatCrunch video)
Paired (dependent) samples t-test Excel (video 4 min)8.3.17
Paired (dependent) samples t-test; d-bar & sd: StatCrunch (Video 4 min)8.3.17
Confidence Interval for Paired Sample Means8.38.3.24
Confidence Interval for Paired Sample Mean Difference (StatCrunch video 4 min)
Two-sample Difference in Proportions z-test StatCrunch (video 5 min)8.4.7-T
Two-sample Difference in Proportions z-test Excel (video 5 min)8.4.7-T
Two Sample test for Difference Between Proportions StatCrunch (video 4 min)
Difference between Proportions – StatCrunch post8.4.14
Construct Confidence Interval for Difference Between Two Proportions Excel Calculator (video 3:32 min)8.4.58 – Excel8.4.21
Confidence Interval Difference in Proportions StatCrunch (video 3 min)8.4.21
Confidence Interval for the Difference between Two Proportions-StatCrunch (video 5:24)8.4.58 (similar)8.4.21
Find slope and intercept given two points using StatCrunch _11.1.29.1, 9.2
Correlation coefficient r and scatter plot with StatCrunch (video 2 min)9.1.22, 9.1.23, 9.1.24, 9.1.25, 9.1.26
Slope Rho Test using Excel (video 4 min)9.1.31
Correlation test statistic t & critical values with StatCrunch- quick version (video 4 min)9.1.31, 9.1.33, 9.1.34
Correlation r, t test statistic, critical values-with theory StatCrunch (video 8 min)_119.1.31, 9.1.33, 9.1.34
Changing x and y impact on correlation coefficient r – StatCrunch (video 4 min)9.1.35
Simple Linear Regression Using StatCrunch _11.7.919.2.
Simple Linear Regression Part 3 (post)_11.7.919.2.
Simple Linear Regression Review (post)_11.2.109.2.
Find s, s2, and SSE for a Regression using StatCrunch _11.3.329.2.
Linear Regression Output Interpretation for Prediction_11.3.409.2.
Wolframalpha: given slope and intercept plot lines (calculator)_11., 9.2.15
Simple Linear Regression with Scatter Plot-StatCrunch (video 2 min)_119.2.17, 9.2.22
Simple linear regression equation, graph, and forecast values of y – Statcrunch (Video)99.2.17T, 9.2.19T, 9.2.20T, 9.2.21T, 9.2.22T, 9.2.24T, 9.2.25T
Simple Linear Regression using Excel & PHStat (video 5:21min)99.2.17T, 9.2.19T, 9.2.20T, 9.2.21T, 9.2.22T, 9.2.24T, 9.2.25T
Simple Linear Regression and Prediction-StatCrunch (video)_11.2.17 (similar), 11.2.18,11.2.16,, 9.2.21T, 9.2.22T, 9.2.23T, 9.2.24T, 9.2.25T
Regression with Prediction StatCrunch (video 5 min)9.2.22T
Simple Linear Regression and Prediction using Excel (video 6 min)9.2.22T
Regression with StatCrunch: Swapping Predictors (video 2 min)9.2.31
Simple Linear Regression with Residuals – Excel 99.2.33
Simple Linear Regression Residuals Analysis – StatCrunch (video) 99.2.33
Regression with StatCrunch: outliers and influential points (video 3 min)9.2.35
Find t-statistic, p-value, and Confidence interval for Multiple Regression beta coefficients (post)_12.3.49.4.
Multiple Regression with Prediction Confidence Interval using StatCrunch _12.4.339.4.
Excel calculator – Multiple Regression – Given Beta and s, find test statistic, p, and the CI (post)_12.3.149.4.
One-way Chi-square Calculator10.1
Chi-Square Test for Independence Two-way Contingency Table StatCrunch (video 4min)10.2.13
Use Excel to find probabilities for a sampling proportion (video)5.4.43_
Chi-Square Goodness of Fit – expected frequencies-one way table_10.2_10.1.
Chi-square Goodness of Fit: M&Ms example-Excel (video 4:34 min)_10.1.
Chi-Square Goodness of Fit test using StatCrunch _10.2.4_10.1.
Chi-square Goodness of Fit-One way table StatCrunch (video)_10.2_10.1.7, 10.1.8
Chi-square Goodness of Fit – StatCrunch & Excel (post)_10.1.7, 10.1.8, 10.1.9
Chi-square Goodness of Fit Uniform Distribution StatCrunch (video 4 min)_10.1.15
Chi-square Goodness of Fit Uniform Distribution Excel (video 6 min) _10.1.15, 10.1.16
Chi-Square Goodness of Fit to a Uniform Distribution-Statcrunch (video 5:34)_10.2_10.1.16
Solving a Chi-Square Test Goodness of Fit Test with Critical Values (video)_10.2_10.1.17
Critical value for Chi-square test-StatCrunch (video)_10.2.1_10.1., 10.2.1
Contingency Table – Chi-square & Conditional Probability using StatCrunch (video)_10.3_10.2.
Find Critical Value of Chi-square for Two-way Contingency Table using StatCrunch (video)_10.3.19_10.2.
Quick Solution to Contingency Table Problem – Marginal Frequency (video)_10.3_10.2.7, 10.2.9, 10.2.11
Chi-square test for Independence – Excel and PHStat (video)_10.2.16
Chi-square Test for Independence-Excel & PHStat (video 4:05 min)_10.2.17
Chi-square Test for Independence (video)_10.3.29_10.2.17 (similar)
Chi-square Test for Independence-Two way table-StatCrunch (video)_10.3_10.2.17, 10.2.19
Chi-Square Test for Independence #2 (video)_10.3_10.2.20
Contingency Table TOTAL Conditional Relative Frequencies StatCrunch (video)_10.3_10.2.30, 10.2.31
Contingency Table ROW Conditional Relative Frequencies – StatCrunch (video)_10_10.2.30, 10.2.31
StatCrunch for F Distribution Critical values (video)8.6.73, 8.6.77, 9.2.15_10.3.7, 10.3.8, 10.3.9
StatCrunch Frequency Distribution and Histogram with Midpoints2.3.54
StatCrunch Relative Frequency Histogram Percentages2.1.45
StatCrunch Bayes’ Theorem Calculator3.2.37