1. How are discussions graded?
    See Excelsior discussion grading rubric attached here.
  2. When are discussions due?
    To get max points, you need to make your initial post by midnight each Thursday. You lose points for every day your initial post is late after that. Although your two required response posts can be later than Thursday night, it would be appreciated if you made them as early as possible in the week.
  3. How do I get credit for attendance? I worked in MyStatLab but still was on the attendance report as being absent?
    To be counted present each week, you must make at least one discussion post prior to midnight Sunday. Although work in MyStatLab is very important, federal rules require Excelsior to use participation in a discussion as the requirement to be counted present. If you are counted absent three times in a row, you will be dropped from the course by the system. To be readmitted, you must follow the Excelsior Attendance Policy and contact your advisor immediately.

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